Will tinnitus lead to hearing loss if it lasts for a long time?

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Tinnitus is the most common symptom. It always feels like there is noise in the ears. Everyone is familiar with tinnitus. This disease often appears in our lives, and the probability of it happening to the elderly is very high. We must deal with tinnitus. Pay attention to it.

Will tinnitus cause hearing loss if it lasts for a long time?

Hearing loss may occur with tinnitus, but it is not absolute. Tinnitus may occur before, after, or even at the same time as hearing loss. But no matter which one it is, once tinnitus occurs, it should be treated actively to avoid hearing loss caused by long-term tinnitus.

When tinnitus occurs, a hearing test should be performed first to rule out otolaryngology diseases, such as cerumen embolism in the external auditory canal, secretory otitis media, sudden deafness, Meniton's disease Amyloid disease, acoustic neuroma, noise-induced deafness, etc., the first symptom may be tinnitus.

Medical research has found that whether tinnitus or deafness is neurological, senile, noise-related, drug-induced, pathological, etc., there is only one result in the end, which is large-scale damage or necrosis of the ear nerves. This At this time, the human auditory nerve center will receive wrong sound signals, resulting in a buzzing noise, or no sound can be heard. Medical science refers to such symptoms as "nervous tinnitus and deafness."

But the statement that “long-term tinnitus can cause hearing loss” is not scientific. Because there are many causes of tinnitus, as just mentioned, there are both ear diseases and systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, brain trauma, etc., and tinnitus caused by these diseases is mostly Problems with human body functions are not necessarily problems with the ear organs, so it cannot be said that long-term tinnitus will definitely cause hearing loss.

People with tinnitus are often very anxious because they are worried that tinnitus will lead to deafness. In fact, on the contrary, tinnitus does not cause deafness. If hearing loss is not taken seriously, it may lead to tinnitus. The reason is that due to hearing loss, the brain cannot sense enough sound. If things go on like this, the brain will actively produce sound, which is tinnitus. Therefore, people with hearing loss, especially those with more severe hearing loss, should pay enough attention to their hearing problems!