Can poor hearing be restored through traditional Chinese medicine treatment?

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Hearing is an indispensable ability in people's lives. The troubles that hearing loss brings to people's lives are unimaginable. We are in the electronic age, especially young people who basically wear earphones all day long. High-volume audio will cause If hearing loss occurs due to fatigue or damage to the hearing organ, can it be restored through traditional Chinese medicine treatment?

Can poor hearing be restored through traditional Chinese medicine treatment?

There are many factors that cause hearing loss. If the ear conduction nerves are blocked due to trauma or inflammation such as otitis media, or the external auditory canal is blocked due to inflammation, the hearing loss can be recovered as long as it is removed during the treatment. Once the influencing factors are eliminated, hearing will slowly return to normal.

There is also a kind of acute sudden deafness. Although this kind of deafness is a kind of sensorineural deafness, after nutritional nerve treatment, the blood vessels will expand. Most of the hearing can be restored after various treatments such as preparations, hormonal drugs, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and mixed oxygen therapy. However, if tinnitus still exists after two weeks of treatment, the treatment effect is extremely poor. Although the hearing recovery is There's hope, but it's more difficult.

Traditional Chinese medicine can play an auxiliary treatment role in restoring hearing. There are many causes of tinnitus, and treatment should be symptomatic and supportive. You can also do some rehabilitation exercises or training while using drugs, which can also effectively restore hearing. Mild tinnitus is not a big problem. As the body gradually adjusts and recovers, the tinnitus may gradually ease or disappear.

1. To accurately know your hearing status, it is recommended to go to an otolaryngology department for a pure tone audiometry test. General apps may not be accurate;
2. Pay attention to protecting your hearing. There are only so many hair cells, one will die and one will be lost. You can refer to