How to improve the speech ability of people with hearing loss?

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For people with hearing loss, hearing aids are one of the effective ways to improve their hearing and help them communicate better with others. The effect of hearing aids may vary from person to person. Generally speaking, hearing-impaired people with poor speech discrimination ability will benefit less from hearing aids.

How to improve the speech ability of people with hearing loss?

First of all, you must ensure that you can hear the sound. If you cannot listen to the sound normally due to hearing loss, and there is no intervention with hearing aid equipment, the auditory recognition ability will deteriorate over time until it is lost. If improvement is needed, it is recommended to first check the hearing threshold and use appropriate hearing aid equipment to intervene. When you can listen to sounds normally, you should exercise your speech recognition ability every day. If your recognition ability is already poor, you will also need to undergo professional speech rehabilitation.

1. Try to be face to face with the speaker and let him speak in a well-lit place, because this helps you see the other person’s mouth shape, thus compensating for the fact that you do not hear the other person’s mouth from the sound. obtained language information.

2. Once hearing loss is discovered, wear a hearing aid as soon as possible to make up for the lost frequency band as soon as possible.

3. Hearing aids compensate for sounds, and understanding the sounds still depends on the cooperation of your own brain.

4. It is best to listen with both ears and wear a hearing aid in the other ear. Hearing loss in the elderly is sensorineural deafness, a natural degeneration of organs, atrophy of the brain's processing cortex, and a decline in reasoning ability.

5. After wearing a hearing aid, do not play the sound too loud or too soft, otherwise you will not be able to hear clearly. Be moderate, be comfortable.

6. After wearing a hearing aid, when chatting with others, ask the person you are chatting with to speak slower to allow the brain to have a reaction process.

7. It is best to ask your family to read the newspaper to you for 20 minutes every day, and then narrate it until the narration is correct. You must persist.

8. Overcome impatience and frustration. Although this kind of listeningThe characteristics of hearing aids determine the effect of wearing hearing aids. However, do not be discouraged and give up. You must change your mentality and face it positively, and gradually build confidence through rehabilitation training after wearing hearing aids.

9. The most important point is that some people who have suffered losses are autistic and do not like to talk due to poor communication with others. Wearing hearing aids and communicating with more people can effectively improve speech recognition.

The longer the hearing loss lasts, the worse the resolution ability. Generally, people with hearing loss for more than three years will have varying degrees of function in the retrocochlear auditory nerve and brainstem cortex. Sexual degeneration, resulting in a decrease in speech resolution. Generally speaking: the longer the hearing loss lasts, the more severe the hearing loss is, the lower the speech resolution is, and the less ideal the hearing aid effect is.