What should we do if we have long-term neurological tinnitus? How can we relieve the symptoms?

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Nervous tinnitus is a disease with a high incidence rate, especially middle-aged and elderly people, who are prone to neurological tinnitus. There are many factors that induce this disease, so if you are not careful, it can easily cause neurological tinnitus, which is very annoying for a long time, so it is necessary to treat it in time when it is discovered.

What should we do if we have long-term neurological tinnitus? How can we alleviate the symptoms?

Nervous tinnitus refers to the abnormal sounds and neurological tinnitus feelings that people produce without any external stimulation. If you feel that there are monotonous or mixed sounds such as cicadas, buzzing, hissing, etc. in your ears, there are actually no corresponding sounds in the surrounding environment, which means that tinnitus is just a subjective feeling. Tinnitus can be transient or persistent. Severe tinnitus can disturb a person's peace of mind and make them very nervous. If it is temporary tinnitus that comes and goes, it is usually a physiological phenomenon, so don’t be overly nervous and just let it go.

If it is persistent tinnitus, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as deafness, dizziness, headache, etc., you should be more vigilant and seek medical advice as soon as possible. Patients with neurological tinnitus should also go to local hospitals for diagnosis and treatment, such as vasodilator drugs, sedatives, anti-epileptic drugs, intravenous anesthetic drugs (lidocaine), etc., and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

How to relieve symptoms?

Suggestion: Relax your emotions to treat tinnitus. Reminder, don’t worry too much once you get tinnitus, and have a correct understanding of tinnitus. Wrong understanding often leads to bad emotions, which in turn makes tinnitus worse. When the symptoms of tinnitus are obvious, you should go to a regular hospital to see a doctor in time. The doctor will adopt corresponding strategies and treatments according to the patient's condition, otherwise you will be in a hurry and seek medical treatment.

Recommend several methods to relieve neurological tinnitus.

1. Breath-holding method
Sit quietly, close your mouth tightly, pinch your nostrils with two fingers, and blow the air into your ears until you feel a booming sound in your ears. Do this several times a day.

2. Mormon Law
  Use your thumb to massage the ear door clockwise 12 times, and then massage the ear door 12 times counterclockwise, several times a day. Mingtian Ear Drumming Technique: Use both hands to massage both sides of the helix 18 times, then cover the ear canal with the thenar of both hands (by the edge of the little finger side of both hands), place your fingers on the back of the head, and use the index finger to press the middle finger to flick the back of the head. 24 times, a "dong-dong" sound can be heard, which is called the Tiangu method.

3. Palm rubbing method
Hold your breath and sit still, rub your palms 50 times, and press the ears on both sides tightly when the palms are hot. Do this 6 times for 2-3 months. During treatment, keep your mind calm.

4. Sound masking method

Turn on the radio, adjust to a noisy band, adjust the volume to a tone slightly higher than your tinnitus, and listen for 10 to 15 minutes each time , listen to it 5 to 8 times a day for several days.