Will cleaning your ears frequently affect your hearing?

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In daily life, many consumers like to pick out their ears when they have nothing to do. As long as they feel itchy, they will do it. As a result, the more they shop, the more itchy they become. In the end, my ears hurt and my hearing decreased.

Will cleaning your ears frequently affect your hearing?

Scientific ear picking will not affect hearing. Earwax (also known as cerumen) can play a certain protective role in the middle ear and inner ear. Under normal circumstances, earwax can fall off on its own through our daily normal movements, so it is not recommended to remove the ears frequently. However, if you usually have a lot of earwax, or you often feel itchy ears, and you must pick out your ears, it is recommended to use a cotton swab to slightly rotate the ear canal. Do not use too much force, which may cause injury to the ear canal wall or even damage the tympanic membrane.

A healthy external auditory canal itself has a self-cleaning function, so there is no need to clean it frequently. The scientific name of earwax is "cerumen", which is a light yellow viscous liquid secreted by the cerumen glands on the cartilage of the external auditory canal. Cerumen can block dirt entering the external auditory canal from the outside and adhere to dust and bugs to protect the eardrum; at the same time, it covers the surface of the ear canal skin and can keep the skin moist.

What should you do if your earwax blocks your ears?

At this time, you can consider digging your own ears, but you should pay attention to the following two points:

1) It is best to use a cotton swab, gently turn it in the external auditory canal, and then turn the ear toward If the earwax is removed, the cerumen can come out on its own (try to avoid digging into the ears with nails, iron picks, etc.).

2) Do not dig your ears frequently, usually once a week or so. If your ears are not dug for a long time and cerumen embolism is formed, you should go to the otolaryngology department of a regular hospital to remove it with special instruments, and then continue to use antibiotic ear drops to prevent infection.

In short, although digging your own ears is refreshing for a while, it may affect your hearing. If your ears are not cleaned for a long time and cerumen embolism develops, you should go to a regular hospital to remove it with special instruments.