How can hearing loss caused by tinnitus be restored?

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Tinnitus is the most common symptom. It always feels like there is noise in the ears. Everyone is familiar with tinnitus. This disease often appears in our lives, and the probability of it happening to the elderly is very high. We must deal with tinnitus. We need to pay attention to it, so how can the hearing loss caused by tinnitus be recovered?

How can the hearing loss caused by tinnitus be recovered?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                . Medication treatment can be combined with mixed oxygen and hyperbaric oxygen. If the situation is more serious, the department will perform acupuncture treatment. After 1-2 courses of treatment, the patient will feel that the tinnitus is reduced and the hearing has recovered;
3. Psychotherapy: Patients should adjust their life rhythm and change their focus. The purpose of tinnitus treatment is not to completely eliminate tinnitus, but to reduce the frequency of tinnitus attacks and reduce the decibel level. If the above treatments are obviously effective, the patient can change his daily habits, such as reducing attention to tinnitus, cultivating hobbies, paying attention to a low-sugar and low-fat diet, consuming as many vitamin-rich foods as possible, or seeking help from a psychologist. , check whether there is anxiety, depression, etc., and symptomatic treatment can help alleviate tinnitus.

It is recommended to ask the attending doctor to formulate a reasonable treatment plan after analyzing the disease type based on the specific examination results. During treatment, patients should pay attention to regular work and rest, stay away from noise, and eat light meals. When treatment fails, hearing aids must be worn in time. This can control the symptoms of tinnitus decline as quickly as possible. In addition, wearing hearing aids earlier can also allow patients to better adapt to hearing loss. You must pay attention to rest at ordinary times, which can relieve tinnitus to a certain extent. Also pay attention to active treatment of the primary disease.

What should you pay attention to when hearing loss caused by tinnitus

1. Do not pick your ears
The act of picking your ears can easily lead to damage to the external auditory canal, and in severe cases, even It can cause damage to the eardrum and easily lead to infection. Therefore, patients must avoid picking out their ears in order to prevent tinnitus symptoms and hearing loss.Symptoms worsen.

2. Don’t listen to too loud a volume

Many people with hearing loss turn up the volume very loudly when watching TV or listening to music. This situation will only aggravate the symptoms of hearing loss, so you must pay attention to avoid stimulation by excessive loud sounds.

3. Maintain emotional stability

Being too happy or too angry may aggravate the symptoms of hearing loss, and emotions can easily induce tinnitus. Therefore, you must keep your emotions stable at ordinary times, and be careful not to be too anxious or nervous. Anxiety and nervousness may also induce tinnitus.